One of our core strengths is the high standard of online and offline presentation we provide for our Vendors properties. It is something we are complimented on again and again and is a hugely important part of the selling process. After all, your brochure is the first thing prospective buyers will see – so it needs to initially grab their attention and then encourage them to arrange that all important viewing.

Our sales particulars are lovingly prepared, to include a wide range of professional photographs, properly composed and taken with a sensible lens that show your property in the best possible light. Everything is measured, including garages and outbuildings and we will prepare a floorplan that shows the room layout. If your property stands in a sizeable plot, we will provide accurate measurements to emphasise the fact, and will be happy to calculate acreage etc.

We want you to be proud of what we are handing out and emailing to prospective purchasers, whether you are selling a detached period residence with land or a modern one bedroom town flat.

Everything that is included within the hard copy sales particulars is mirrored within our online marketing, ensuring that buyers can see your homes benefits however they choose to find it.